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East Coast To West Coast Car Shipping – What You Need To Know

East coast to West coast car shipping is all the same, isn’t it? And if there is a difference in the way car shipping companies operate, what can it possibly be? Well, you’ll be surprised at how different shipping companies can be, and it will only serve in your favor to get to know about these differences.

Luckily, you found this article. Because in this article you will learn about what to look for when shipping your car, as well as the professional difference between companies. So, without wasting more valuable time, this is what you need to know about East coast to West coast car shipping.

Brokers And Working Directly With Companies

Not many people are aware of this, but there is a chance that you’ll end up speaking with a broker, instead of the car shipping company directly. A broker acts as the middle-man, and the catchphrase they use is based on affordability. In other words, they will ship your car for the cheapest price.

So, what can possibly be wrong with using a broker? You don’t know what company they are going to use, or how professional the company is going to handle the shipping. Also, take into consideration that brokers are more worried about saving money for themselves, there is no telling how ill-equipped the company they choose is going to be.

This isn’t to say that all brokers are bad, but at least look at all your options and don’t get too hooked on the prices. Because if you pay peanuts, monkeys are going to do the work.

There Is An Inspection Process

A professional car shipping company isn’t just going to load up the car. Instead, they are going to do a detailed inspection of the car first, while making notes of existing damage.

This is to protect you in case something happens during the shipment, and it protects them from clients trying to score a free ride. When the car arrives at its destination, another inspection is done to make sure there aren’t any extra scrapes or dents.

If the company you are looking at doesn’t involve these steps, move on.

They Have Experience

Let’s face it, you are not going to trust just anybody to drive your car, much less ship it across the country. And that’s why you want to use a company with experience. More importantly, you want a company that can tell you exactly how the car is shipped, the safety measures they have in place, and the years they’ve been in business.

You can even go as far as to check whether they are properly insured, just in case they lose your car on the way. With an experienced company, you know you are dealing with professionals. Otherwise, they won’t be in business for so long.

Whatever you do, don’t just trust the first shipping company you come across, and don’t only focus on the pricing. Take all the variables into account before making a final decision.

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